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Dominic Magne has qualified as a Solicitor (2001 ) and Barrister (1997) having read Law at St John’s College Cambridge. He started working in the field of Immigration Asylum and Nationality Law in 1992 and has worked in the field ever since. He will have personal conduct of your Immigration matter. MAGNE & CO were established in 2001 .

Under the Rules set out by the Law Society a Solicitor could only set up his own firm after three years post qualification experience. Dominic Magne was granted a waiver by the Law Society to establish his own firm immediately upon qualification on the grounds of the exceptional public benefit of the work undertaken. He has thirty years’ experience in the field.

With so many firms describing themselves as leading, it is hard to know whom to follow. Our view, is that we are only as good as our last job. The care taken on each matter is a reflection of the importance each case is to you and those within your entourage.

MAGNE & CO charge a fee of £180 for a consultation . Thereafter a fixed fee in most instances is agreed upon

The agreed fee relates to any further advice and representation required for the preparation and submission of the application. It generally includes further liaison with the Home Office pending the application , unless a change of circumstances or undue delay by the Home Office , warrants specific action not normally countenanced in more straightforward matters.

At the time of writing there are fifty separate Immigration and Nationality Application forms, and these forms may relate to several different categories of the Immigration Rules that run to some one thousand one hundred and thirteen pages.

Many of these categories are then subdivided into separate criteria which may be simple or onerous to meet and this is reflected in the fee agreed.

By way of example, an application for children to accompany a parent to the United Kingdom entails far greater evidential preparation where the sole responsibility rule is relied upon. Complexity may also arise as the sources of evidence may derive from any one of the 193 sovereign states of the UN,( and those that are not so recognised ) and yet must meet the prescribed requirements to the Immigration rules.

It is for this reason that the fee agreed only occurs once a consultation takes place. Whilst we cannot reduce our fees we can mitigate the considerable burden that arises when Solicitors costs are taken in conjunction with the Home Office charges, by accepting payment by way of installments.

We have set out our guideline fees below which are broadly correlated to the average amount of time spent on the hourly rate of £320 per hour . The Home Office have set out time scales for the consideration of applications here: -

The fixed fee includes the following elements:

  1. considering your documents
  2. attending on you
  3. taking your instructions and providing advice
  4. preparing and submitting the application
  5. advising on timelines and the outcome of your application

The fixed fee does not include third party expenses. You will need also to pay in most circumstances for the immigration Health Surcharge whose current rates are here:

You will also have to pay for the application fee , whose current rates are found here:

What you will have to pay for will be identified at the time of consultation.

Fees Table
Late applications £3000-6000
Government Authorised Exchange Scheme £1400 to £2800
In Country Endorsement Route ( Start Up, Innovator , Global Talent ) £6999-9000
Out of Country Endorsement Route ( Start Up, Innovator, Global Talent ) £9000-12000
In Country Skilled Worker / Sponsored Employment £1600-2400
Out of  Country Skilled Worker / Sponsored Employment £2900-3500
Each Dependent £640
 In Country Partner / Appendix FM 5 year route £3700-4900
Each Dependent £640
Out of Country Partner / Appendix FM 5 year route £3900-7400
Each Dependent £850
276B - Ten years continuous and lawful residence £3500-£4300
276 ADE Private Life ( Ten year route ) £6000-8500
APPEALS £7000-10000
Registration £1200-£4200
Naturalisation £1400-£2300
Pour organiser une consultation, appelez le +44(0)20 8399 3939 ou envoyez un courriel à