Immigration Rules AI Chatbot

The Immigration Rules are in the public domain. They change frequently.

You may have a query regarding one discrete aspect of the Immigration Rules, but do not feel the necessity for a detailed and comprehensive consultation.

MAGNE & CO are developing a chat bot trained specifically on the Immigration Rules that would allow you to address your specific questions. Any advice given would be verified by MAGNE & CO. There would be a modest fee for this service.

The Immigration Rules are both prescriptive and discretionary. There are technical requirements you must meet. This chat bot will assist you on these types of questions. There are other criteria that cannot be defined by AI, such as proving intention and demonstrating reasonableness as construed by the Home Office. These aspects will always require a detailed in person consultation with a qualified and regulated Legal Practitioner.

If you are interested in such a service please register your interest here so that we may notify you when it is ready to be launched.

Please also identify the fields that interest you

  • Visitors
  • Students
  • Family reunion
  • Temporary Residence on the basis of Work
  • Permanent Residence on the basis of employment/self employment

Privacy Notice

Please note that any personal information that you provide is confidential and that we are retaining on the basis of your consent, any contractual arrangement that arises through your use of the Visabot facility and as part of our obligations to the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

To arrange a consultation, call +44(0)20 8399 3939 or email